Open Positions at Kingston

Deputy General Manager

Job Duties

To dealing with any aspect related to branch restaurant management functions to support restaurant daily operations need.

  1. To assist the Branch Manager in running a restaurant.
  2. To assist the Branch Manager to deal with revenue on a daily and weekly basis.
  3. To be willing to bring new ideas to management meetings to push the business forward.
  4. To assist the Branch Manager from training and recruitment right through to budgeting and marketing.
  5. To be out on the floor, making sure the customers are happy or, sorting out a complex order for a party of thirty.
  6. Previous Bar experience preferred but not essential.


From £ 32,000 annual plus Tronc.


Sous Chef Chinese Cuisine

Job Duties

Managing Chinese kitchen team on a day to day basis in conjunction with the head chef to deliver top quality Chinese Cuisine and to be responsible for any special requests, especially with large banqueting and events.

  1. Discuss the daily business requirements with the head chef and second chef, including any special requests for special dishes and help to allocate tasks accordingly.
  2. Ensure that all the required equipment, supplies and resources are to hand and in good working order, reporting any problems to the head chef.
  3. To prepare from only high-quality authentic Chinese raw material and cook Chinese style dishes in its traditional way to ensure that the food standards do not fall below what is expected within the chain.
  4. To be responsible for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the cooking station and adjacent cooking and food preparing area in accordance with the legal and company requirements and to report any breaches of procedure to the head chef without delay.
  5. To prepare requests for supplies prior to running out of produce for the Chinese Cuisine section and to ensure that these requests are passed to the second chef and to ensure that deliveries are received and stored appropriately.
  6. To work with the head chef and other senior chefs in the kitchen to develop new Chinese style dishes together with recipes, which should be recorded at the end.


£30,000 to £35,000 plus Tronc. Depends on experience and qualifications. Accomodation available on request.

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